The Big Day

Today is the big day for Michelle MaBelle. Its not only THE big day for her, but its the day shes been dreaming about most of her life. Today is the big day she is going to get to spend with a special guy, Jude Rigby. Today is the day they are getting married in front of their family and friends in a big white church located on Abby Road. They are going to have their big wedding and then have their reception in Strawberry Fields behind the big white church where there will be lots of food and wedding fireworks displays at the end. Then they will drive my car down the long and winding road to fly in a Jet for their honeymoon in which they dont want to reveal to anyone so we are told to let it be. Good Luck Michelle and Jude Riby!

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Renovation Revolution!

When my mother passed away she left the home that I was raised in to me and my husband. We currently were living in a quaint little apartment just off main street in my hometown and I was pregnant so we were excited to have more space for our family to grow. I loved my mothers house but felt it needed some renovations as the memories were just too painful since she had so recently passed on. We didn’t want to change everything but the living room was a space I never did like because of the shag carpet and green walls. We ended up choosing a light blue color that emitted a relaxed spring time feeling from it. We installed some nice knotty wood oak plantation shutters Manchester that really brought the whole room together. I was extremely happy with our choices and was sure mom was approving as well.

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Small world

I entered online mature dating while writing my profile I began to lie. Denoting I was slimmer and successful. The truth is that I just gotten fired, I have a wobbly body and no car. I was depressed after my ex girlfriend broke up with me for the same reasons.

When I received my first online message I felt nervous, after a few days she wanted to meet in person so we set a date in a month.

I immediately started to go to the gym, ironically in this period of time my old boss called me back. He apologized it was a misunderstanding; he offered me a raise and a car.
On my date to my surprise it was my ex. After I took of my coat and told her about my job and new company car I said thanks for coming back into my life … now take care bye!

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How I ended up with a rubber giraffe

I tend to go to the county fair every year. I started doing it as a kid, and while I don’t care for the rides, I do care for the food. However, last year as I was enjoying my elephant ear and going past the circus workshops (why anyone would want to learn how to be a clown is beyond me), I found myself being hustled into one of the shooting galleries. Normally I don’t let myself be taken in by such things, but the operator had the sort of pushiness that enabled him to excel at his job. I remembered from a friend of mine that the guns tended to have bad sights, bad bores, and were deliberately hard to aim, so rather than aim I simply pointed the gun downrange and fired off three BBs. Much to my surprise I scored three bullseyes – and ended up with a rubber giraffe, which now graces the top of my bookshelf.

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Visit the City of Skyscrapers in the Middle East!

In the past few decades, Dubai has been successful in establishing itself as a hot recreational center of the Middle East. Along with a huge expatriate community, millions of tourist also visit this magnificent city every year. This has proved to be a great push for Dubai hotels and many new hotels are coming up in the city for accommodating tourists.

Most of the tourist attractions in Dubai are located far apart so exploring this city on foot is difficult. All important places of tourist attraction in Dubai, such as the Jumairah beach and the Deira, the palm islands and the Bastakiya district are all located far part from one another and tourists looking for suitable accommodation should consider factors such as budget and location in order to find the best deal.

Aside from budget hotels, there are many three, four and five star hotels in the city that offer best possible amenities to their guests. Confirming to global standards, these hotels offer great value for money, and finding good hotel in the city is not a difficult proposition. Most of the Dubai hotels are also online and you can book your room before your arrival in the city.

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The Most Amazing Pillows!

I don’t know if I’m just exhausted from the plane, but the pillows in this hotel are incredible. Usually pillows in hotels are either far, far too soft and your head ends up penetrating them all the way down to the sheet. If they aren’t too soft then they’re too firm and it’s like laying your head on a table covered by a pillow case.

It’s honestly like these pillows are brand new and were made just for me upon my arrival. I wonder if all Hong Kong hotels have pillows like these? Again, that might be my exhaustion talking.

I’m looking forward to relaxing for the rest of the afternoon in this bed, almost as much as I’m looking forward to getting started with my sightseeing tomorrow. I’m going to the Nan Lian Garden then the Wong Tai Sin Temple!

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An Exciting and Creative Career Change

When I first started my college classes after high school I thought that I had my career path completely figured out. I knew that I had always been good at math and I signed myself up for a number of accounting classes. I quickly finished up my accounting degree and within a few short months I was able to land a great accounting job with a very large company. I was so happy that I could start my adult life, but after six months of accounting work I became bored and restless. I was starting to realize that an accounting career was not for me and I needed to find a career that was more creative and exciting. I thought about the types of jobs that would use my creative mind and I decided that I should look into web design Manchester. I knew that this would be a career choice that would make me even more money than my accounting job. I looked into creative classes and I found numerous helpful websites online. I have already learned a lot about design and I hope to start my website design business next year.

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